NCL Film & Television pilots Next Generation HN Qualification

NCL Film&TV students on location, filming for the National Theatre of Scotland.

In early 2020, the Film & TV department put in an application to be part of the NextGen pilot for the HN qualification in TV Production. 

The NextGen qualifications have been described as the most radical overhaul of qualifications in Scotland in a hundred years!!! For television, it represents a move away from the one and two credit model to a more project defined learner experience.

There are now two Production and Technical units that make up the Group award, both of which are worth five credits each. The SQA Quality Development Team were responsible for gathering feedback from industry and their findings led them to the conclusion that the HNC had to move away from a “quantity” based model towards a “quality” based model. Simply put, the students will be assessed less, and the focus will be on the projects they work on and produce.

For the first time, they will also be assessed on their MetaSkills (self-management, social intelligence and innovation) through the work they undertake as an individual, how they contribute to the team, and how they can reflect on their practice and their own development as they progress through the HNC.

Thirteen years ago we took the decision as a department to move away from collecting student evidence through traditional paper-based methods by adopting the Mahara e-portfolio. Our endeavours were rewarded by a 2011 JISC award for Innovation in learning and teaching and we became sector leading in this area.

Last week, we took the decision to move away from Mahara in order to make full use of Microsoft Teams, which has shown its value as a resource over the last eighteen months. This will see us deliver learning and teaching as well as assessing all student work in one virtual space. Demonstrating the department’s agility and willingness to embrace new platforms in the pursuit of excellence.

“This is an exciting time to be involved as a NextGen pilot centre. We have overhauled our curriculum delivery in an attempt to make it much more student-centred and outcome driven. Students will be assessed on the projects they deliver on, the ability to contextualise their research and the quality of their reflective practice. All the time having serious fun!!!”

Alan Moffat: Film & TV Lecturer


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