Albert Lucas: Showreel

“The idea for the showreel is to craft a narrative of some sort.. I want to use more than one soundtrack so I can demonstrate editing to different pacing. I plan to introduce the showreel with the titles, showing my name and that it’s an editing and cinematography showreel. Then I plan to move into some footage of Glasgow and show it as a normal showreel. 

I then plan to use a glitch effect to transition into my black and white footage. After transitioning into the black and white footage I will use another glitch effect to go into really cinematic footage showing off the best of the stuff I’ve done. Using creative transitions and showing a wide variety of shots.”

– HND Film & Television Student Albert Lucas

Albert’s showreel demonstrated his skills in both production and post-production processes and matched his strong cinematography to a complex and tightly synced edit.

By using the concept and look of VHS tape he managed to find a narrative idea that tied his sequences together and offered dramatic emphasis to the structure of his reel.  The post-production, animation, colour grading and editing skills he brought to this project are advanced and show great skills not only with the software but how to effectively use these parameters to finesse the moving image.

Albert spent a great deal of time researching audio tracks before beginning his edit of the assembled footage.  We often hear very generic copyright free tracks that students throw into the edit with little thought or grace,  the amount of time Albert spent researching and deliberating over the soundtrack resulted in three strong pieces of music that gave him different rhythms to edit to and greatly elevated his finished reel.

He also submitted a strong portfolio that archives the many features he worked on during his HN course and showcases his design and photography skills in a professional looking site.  Click the screenshot below to visit.

The obvious labour of love that went into his showreel is evident to any viewer and he thought very carefully about the myriad of details that go into a project like this. As a result this submission won “Best Showreel”  at our inaugural Film Festival at the CCA this year and sets a new benchmark for our HND Film and Television students.

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Cameron Shaw: Showreel

Student Cameron Shaw produced this reel for his HND Film and Television graded unit to showcase his camera operation and editing skills. It features live performance, gigs, short films, music videos and other promotional material, including the National Theatre of Scotland’s Shift project and New College Lanarkshire’s graduation ceremony, held in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall in November 2017.

After shooting relatively few features during his previous HNC year, Cameron needed to significantly add to his portfolio of films during his HND to be able to produce a varied and interesting showreel.

Over the course of his final year he was involved in many productions, as part of the crew on his classmate’s shoots and undertaking many extra curricular projects, and his camera operation skills were greatly improved as a result.

Cameron is continuing his studies at degree level after the Summer with the University of the West of Scotland.

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Johnny Lynn: Showreel

HND Film and Television student Johnny Lynn aimed to showcase a variety of skills in his graded unit showreel, including camera operation, editing and motion graphics.  The footage was taken from college projects, sketches he had filmed for the BBC’s  ‘The Social’, music videos, and a number of small personal projects and experiments he had undertaken during his HND.

Although the end result differs significantly from the traditional concept of a more specialised industry reel, it does illustrate his many talents as an all round creative and also an understanding of where his work might sit in the wider creative industries sector.

He produced a reel that reflected his  diverse skill set and more importantly his vision as a creative, rather than a technician. Showing he is an individual who can turn his hand to film, animation, graphics and sound,  including music composition and sound design.

“I understand the fact that my showreel is stylistically different from the average camera op’ or editor’s showreel and that this will both work as an advantage and a disadvantage because I am less likely to be hired by a corporation for promotional work but I am more likely to gain work doing promotional work for bands, musicians and other creative outlets.

This was a choice and one that I am happy with. “

His final year project included a very good portfolio website that showcased his work and documented the many projects Johnny had been involved in during his HN Film & Television course, which included industry work on a variety of shoots outside the course.

Click on the screenshot below to visit.

HND Film & Television student Johnny Lynn’s Portfolio site.

His hard work throughout his HN course was recognised at our inaugural Film Festival at the CCA this year, where Johnny won an award for his HND Film & Television Graded Unit.

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Garry Thomson: Showreel

For his HND Film and Television Graded Unit, Garry Thomson aimed to deliver a fast paced, cinematic  showreel, featuring highly stylized, exploitation style footage, underscored by a strong soundtrack.

His showreel features work from his impressive HNC graded unit film “Feral” and two more features he shot over his HND year; “Fever In The Blood”, a short adapted from a Coen brother’s script and his own original screenplay; “Mama Cat”. His reel highlighted his strong visual story telling skills as a director, and cleverly packaged all of the features as a series of trailers in homage to the “Grindhouse” genre of the 1970’s.

Garry’s reel and final year project also benefited  from his considerable digital imaging and graphic design skills, including his motion graphics project to render a logo for his production company G Spaceman and an impressive series of graphic film posters which open each of the three film’s sequences.  In addition to his film work Garry also produced a very strong portfolio website that documents his final year’s work influences and inspirations.

Click on the screenshot below to visit:

HND Film and Television student Garry Thomson’s portfolio website for G Spaceman Productions.

Garry is continuing his studies at degree level, beginning a BA Hon’s in Television at Napier University’s Glasgow campus this coming August.

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R.I.P. – The Roommate in Post-Life

“Sam moves into her first flat. Everything seems perfect. But  when she’s unpacking  it suddenly appears that she’s not alone.”

R.I.P. is a short film, scripted, directed and produced by student Maja Engnell for her HNC Film and Television graded unit.  It was awarded the best short narrative feature at our inaugural 2018 Film Festival at the CCA.

For her first proper feature Maja wrote a simple script that meant many of the organisational and logistical headaches of the production stage were kept to a manageable minimum.

Utilising three actors, one location and a small crew meant that she could really hone in on the performances and basic technical aspects of directing her first feature, and her finished production greatly impressed all of us here in the department with its assured storytelling, natural performances and gentle comedy.

We often tell students to keep it simple for their first feature and R.I.P. is a great example of this approach.



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The 1st NCL Annual Film Festival Awards

The 1st NCL Annual Film Festival was held on the evening of the 14th of June in the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Sauchiehall Street Glasgow, which has an excellent small cinema/screening room accommodating an audience of eighty.

Students, their families and friends gathered in the early evening to watch a varied programme of short films, documentaries and showreels compiled from student’s submissions from all levels of our Film and Television courses, and in addition there were ten awards up for grabs in various categories.

These included awards for best male and female actors, cinematography, sound design, documentary and the best short narrative film. HN students were also competing for the  best graded unit submission at both HNC and HND levels.

The best HND student showreel was also awarded and there were some particularly strong submissions from our final year students in this category, which was won by Albert Lucas for his Cinematography and Editing showreel, which can be viewed below.

For a full run down of the winners in each category click on the photo’s in the gallery below and visit our student film archive at this site where all the winning features will be made available to view over the next few months.

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Football Focus for Film and Photography Students

NC Film & Photography students Hannah Love and Barbara Ostrowska pick up their filming kit prior to the trip.

Two NC Film and Photography students; Hannah Love and Barbara Ostrowska, accompanied sports students from NCL’s Broadwood campus to document their recent two week trip to Murcia, Spain funded by the Erasmus programme.

The two were tasked with filming and photographing the sports students during an intensive programme of football coaching and training, which included giving coaching sessions to local schools and matches against local teams.

Click on any of the photo’s below to see galleries of Barbara and Hannah’s shots.

“Having film and photography students come on the Erasmus placement in Murcia is a great opportunity for NC level students to get real experience filming.  Personally I think it’s the best way to learn, by just getting stuck into it.

I learned a lot and gained confidence in myself, working with new people in Murcia I had never met before and setting up shots and conducting interviews. Exposure and focus was always a problem with harsh sunlight, so solving these problems taught me a lot technically.

I learned that filming sport is a lot harder than it looks when it comes to football matches and keeping things in focus was difficult. Working well in a team of two was important and I think me and Barbara did that well and both of us gained a lot from the two weeks.

Overall, I loved it and I am proud of myself for going and have learned so much about filming and gained new confidence. I think it’s something that should happen again for NC Film and Photography students.”

-NC Film & Photography student Hannah Love.

“The girls worked tirelessly throughout the trip and really engaged with the project.  A real credit to themselves and your department.”

-Sport and Fitness Lecturer Ally Breton.

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1ST Annual NCL Film Festival

NCL Film Festival Poster. Image Credit J. D. Lynn

Thursday 14th June marks the first annual New College Lanarkshire Film Festival which is being held in Centre of Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. Students across all three year groups (NC Film & Photography, HNC and HND Film and Television) have been invited to submit their work and there are 10 awards up for grabs including best Cinematography and best Student Showreel.

“This year has perhaps been the most successful for the Film & TV department in terms of the number of projects the students have worked on.

The department has gone through some major changes and the autonomy we now have as a teaching team has allowed us to push forward in the right direction.

Not only has this proved to be beneficial for staff, the learners have responded brilliantly to the projects we have given them and delivered some excellent results throughout the year.

This evening is for them, their friends and families.”

-Alan Moffat, Film & Television Lecturer

NCL Film Festival,
Thursday 14th June, 2018,
Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA),
350 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3JD,
8pm – 11.00pm

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Failure is an option

Question Session Music Conference and Newtworking Event

In the main we tend to focus on student success stories, but we seldom talk about what happens when things go wrong. In March of this year, three HND students attended an event in Glasgow where they were asked to document the day and evening. The Question Session event at the CCA was organised by Music Business students from Coatbridge and EQTV, a commercial company specialising in putting content together for Music Promo were charged with the task of editing the footage from the day.

Unfortunately, the footage captured on the day was not good enough and the editor only managed to put together a 50 second short. The students were given this feedback. They took it well and hopefully they will have learned from the experience.

“It’s hard to pin-point where exactly this went wrong. It could be a combination of the format of the day, the availability of equipment or end of year fatigue. All three students worked hard on the day and they turned up and did what was asked of them. Unfortunately this time, it wasn’t a success and as it was me who chose the students and equipment I decided to take responsibility for how this turned out.

In some ways, failure is not a bad thing as we can learn from our mistakes and remind ourselves that there are certain projects we need to be wary of taking on. We sometimes get approached to film weddings and I always knock back the opportunity…the experience of the Question Session reminds me why.”

-Alan Moffat, Film & Television Lecturer.

“It was all Alan Moffat’s fault..”

-Michael Grant, Film & Television Lecturer.

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NCL Learning Centres Promotion

Over the course of this academic session HND Film & Television students have been filming a number of infomercials to promote various departments within New College Lanarkshire, one of which features the learning centres and library facilities available to students at each campus.

As part of their two week exchange programme Galway Technical Institute students Barra Convery, Fionn Beardon, Joseph Mahon and Matt Dillon were tasked with the pre-production planning for the feature, then filming on location at the learning centres in Coatbrigde and Cumbernauld. They also setup and shot interviews with  Dale Londsdale the learning resource co-ordinator for the LLC at Coatbridge and Bill McConnell the senior learning centre assistant, who outline the facilities and services available to students in the video.

Kirkintilloch Campus LLC

“The students were very professional, particularly in their approach to respecting students not wishing to be filmed in the Learning Centre whilst ensuring equipment was setup before filming. 

The time scheduled for the actual interview was limited and I was impressed with their understanding of this situation and how they were able to setup and record the interview in one session, illustrating to me the knowledge and skills these students have gained in their course is now reflected in their professional approach within the industry.”

– Bill McConnell, Senior Library and Learning Centre Assistant.

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