Lecturer goes back to school

Film & TV Lecturer, Alan Moffat, visited Pirie Park Primary School in Govan this week as part of the school’s planned activities on STEM. He spoke to three P4 classes about some of the technical roles that make up the Film & TV sector and he also gave a practical demonstration of some of the equipment that is used including lights, cameras and microphones.

“I had previously visited Bannerman High School to chat with Media studies pupils and I was looking forward to going back into a school to chat with the primary school children.

They asked some excellent questions including what age do you have to be to make films, why were there so many buttons on the camera and why the light had two different colours. I told them with a little hard work and some serious study, they could be ready to sit an HNC in Television in no time!!! Their teacher thought this was amusing.”

-Alan Moffat, Film & Television Lecturer.


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Students “Shift” snow to ensure project is kept on track

After a visit from the “Beast from the East”, the HNTV students got back into the “Shift” project and delivered an edit for Week 5.

Johnathan Lynn and Cameron Shaw visited Whifflet Community centre on Tuesday evening and filmed interviews with the professional actors who are taking part in the project. On Wednesday, John Pittendreidh and David Walker took the Sony Cameras over and filmed the choreography that will be used as the backdrop to the show itself. Albert Lucas was on hand on Thursday evening to ensure the edit was delivered on time and within the brief.

“The heavy snowfall had the potential to derail the project but the students quickly got back into it. The project is now well under way and we have established a nice rhythm and it is always a worry when something unexpected happens.

In some ways, this is valuable experience as it demonstrates that you need to be flexible and deal with problems when they arise. When the students start working they’ll be confronted with this on a daily basis. It also may occasionally snow”

-Alan Moffat, Film & TV Lecturer.


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‘Shift’ to Coatbridge allows more students to get in on the act

At the start of the week 3 of the “Shift” project, our students were asked to return to Summerlee Heritage centre and interview two key people for the project. Clare Weir, Collections and Exhibitions Manager was on hand to talk about North Lanarkshire’s rich industrial heritage and Justin Parkes, Industrial History curator spoke at length about how this impacted on communities and how it continues to inform local identity.

Professional actors work with the community cast

 On Monday evening, two HNC students, Colleen Bell and Darren Livingstone, journeyed across to Whifflet community centre where they filmed the first rehearsals between the professional actors and community volunteers. The students also filmed and recorded 3 interviews with some of the members of the cast which included students from the HNC and HND Acting course at NCL’s Coatbridge campus.

Film and Acting students were both present at the rehearsals

Two of our visiting students from Galway Technology Institute (Barra and Fionn) were tasked with turning around the edit in one day and they responded to the instructions set out by Kim Beveridge magnificently.    

 “As part of the warm up exercise, Simon Sharkey gave a rousing welcome to all and recounted the myth of Sisyphus. (For those who work in New College Lanarkshire, they’ll be only too familiar with this story!!!)

The TV and acting students were an absolute credit to the college and their individual departments and I was particularly impressed by the confidence of the acting students. They were especially brilliant with the members of the community who were also taking part in the project”

 -Alan Moffat, Film &Television Lecturer.

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Shadowfrost by Anthony Johnston

Shadowfrost, © Anthony Johnston 2018.

NC Film & Photography student Anthony Johnston has been putting his new Sony DSC-HX400V camera through its paces and has shared this atmospheric shot, taken during the cold snap a few weeks ago (31st January 2018).

Anthony writes:

“When I got to take home and trial my new college camera, nothing escaped the lens.  I took this in the early morning during heavy snowfall, focused through the bedroom window. I was standing back in the room, as not to frighten the crow (it may mistake the camera for a shotgun, crows are VERY clever). A simple, manual set-up, if I recall, quick point, adjust and shoot. I must also thank the crow for its’ cooperation, it was a most serendipitous photo-session!”

As part of a new initiative launched this year all bursary funded students accepted onto the NC Film & Photography course at Cumbernauld campus will receive their very own camera, tripod and camera bag.  The equipment will be theirs to keep on successful completion of their one year course as part of a costed programme within New College Lanarkshire. The equipment for the current cohort of students includes:


  •  Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400 Camera
  •  Manfrotto Compact Advanced aluminium tripod with 3-way head
  •  Manfrotto Advanced camera shoulder bag

Applications for the NC Film & Photography course (beginning 20th August 2018)  are now being taken. To apply follow this link 

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Students “Shift” up a Gear

The second week of the NTS “Shift” project began with both TV classes reviewing the previous weeks work and identifying the main strengths and weaknesses of the final short video which went live the previous Friday.

The feedback the students received from NTS was excellent and it set up the second week’s filming nicely.

Simon Sharkey opens the exhibition at Cumbernauld Town Hall

Two students from HND Television (Jack Carey & John Pittendreigh) and one student from HNC Sound Production (Pamela Arnachellum) went out to film at the “Shift” Exhibition on Tuesday evening at Cumbernauld Town Hall.  The exhibition  included portrait photography by John Farnan and a collaborative, community art project led by artist Alan Greive. HNDTV student Scott Fraser was also on hand to film his own  documentary on the student’s involvement with the Shift project.

Summerlee Singers record some traditional songs

On Wednesday and Thursday, HNCTV student Conor Purvis took on editing duties and worked with artist Kim Beveridge to ensure the second week’s film was delivered on the Friday. This included reviewing content from the exhibition and footage shot the previous week of the Summerlee Singers recording at the studio Facilities at Cumbernauld campus.

Conor was instrumental in ensuring the edit was delivered on time and to a high quality, showing some really nice creative touches, like his decision to  use the choir’s singing in the credit sequence to end the promo on a high note.

Filming interviews with choir members

“Everyone who took part in this week’s filming and editing impressed Kim with their can-do attitude and commitment to the project. One of the great things about live projects is that there is a degree of initiative that the students have to employ.

As well as demonstrating some essential hard skills, the students were also able to demonstrate some really important soft skills such as communication (dealing with members of the public), decision making (how to identify and fix potential problems with technical set-ups) and working with each other to ensure the project was delivered on time.”

-Alan Moffat, Film & Television Lecturer

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Film/TV Department welcomes Galway Exchange Students

Galway Exchange visitors Fionn and Barra team up with HND TV students Albert and Stephanie.

This week the Film & TV department welcomed 4 students from Galway Technical Institute on a 3 week study visit. This follows on from the highly successful exchange from last year. The students were given their timetable and introduced to the classes they will be sitting in on. They were also given an overview of the projects they’ll be working on over the next few weeks which includes a bit of location work across the central belt.

Carrying on from some of the really valuable work the Film & TV students have carried out previously with charity and third-sector organisations, a group of students including two from the Galway exchange filmed over in Falkirk this week as part of an initiative to raise awareness of a project called “Baby Steps”. The organisation provides training and work for seven adults with additional support needs.

Fionn and Albert recording an interview in the Baby Steps shop.

The brief they were given was to interview Claire (Development worker) and two of the supported staff (Marianne and Rachael) and get an insight into how the organisation operates and what sort of activities take place within the shop. The students were also asked to shoot a wide range of pick up/coverage for the purposes of the edit. The content will be used on the organisation’s website and social media channels.

Barra and Stephanie record some Vox Pops in Falkirk.


“The staff and students  within the department were looking forward to some new students arriving and it’s a pleasure to invite young people in from Ireland and show them how we run the department in Cumbernauld   

We’ve worked closely with charities and third sector organisations in the past and we are always looking for opportunities to film the Non-profit sector. This sector traditionally struggles to fund promotional materials of this sort,  and in undertaking projects like this both the students and the organisations benefit. We’ve worked with some major clients in the past including making a short documentary on the Simon Community in North Lanarkshire with our HNC Television students a couple of years back.

It’s also important to stress that the Film & TV department make a point of not accepting commercial work as this could potentially have a detrimental impact on sole traders and freelancers who are operating in moving image sector. Some of whom are our ex-students.”

– Alan Moffat
Film & Television Lecturer

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TV students put in a good “Shift”

Monday the 5th of February saw the very first day of location filming on the Shift project for HNC Film and Television students Laura Gilbert and Shannon Munro. Simon Sharkey, Associate Director of NTS (National Theatre of Scotland) was filmed talking about the project on location at Summerlee Heritage Museum.

On Tuesday night Radoslaw Wnuk, Maja Engnell and Savannah Cobb filmed sound production students working with the Summerlee Choir, who were recording a number of traditional songs that will be used in the multi-media art project.

Sound Production students at work in the control room during the recording session.

Wednesday evening’s shoot covered the Future Forecasts event at Airdrie Town Hall, filmed by HND Film & Television students Garry Thomson and Cameron Shaw. All footage from the three location shoots was then given to their classmate Albert Lucas who  had the task of reviewing and editing it into a short promotional video, now featured on the National Theatre of Scotland’s YouTube and Vimeo Channels. The first in a series of Shift Transmissions.

The Future Forecasts Event at Airdrie Town Hall

“2018 is the Year of Young People and there are many interesting projects being delivered this year across Scotland which will aim to highlight the skills and talent that the next generation have to offer.

The students within the Film & TV department demonstrated this week that they are no strangers to a bit of hard graft and they really impressed the project team at NTS with their dedication, commitment and passion for filming.

The students worked into the evening across three nights in order to meet the Friday deadline and the final cut was delivered to the client with an hour to spare. Not only was the deadline met, the client was delighted with the result and the students valued the experience.”

– Alan Moffat
Film & Television Lecturer.

Summerlee Choir recording at NCL, Cumbernauld campus studios.

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National Theatre of Scotland: Shift Project

Seth Hardwick, Emma Schad and Kim Beveridge brief HN Film & TV Students

HN level Film and Television students met with the National Theatre of Scotland on Friday the 2nd of February for a briefing session on the live location filming they will be undertaking to document the theatre group’s Shift project.

Shift is an arts project for the people of New Lanarkshire, a large scale, multi-media theatrical event created in partnership with Culture NL, and North Lanarkshire Council, which will be brought to life by a cast including members of the community.  Shift will document the ever changing nature of work  and the many “Shifts” put in by workers who built the world and created our future.

“Working with The National Theatre of Scotland on the Shift project gives our students a valuable opportunity to film and edit content to industry standards over a nine week schedule.  Shoots are lined up at various locations including; Summerlee Heritage Museum, Airdrie Town Hall, Whifflets Community Centre and  NCL, Cumbernauld campus recording facilities.

Shift is a real time project which will enable the students to experience the challenges involved in working to tight deadlines. Over the next nine weeks we’ll be updating the department blog to reflect the development of the project. “

– Michael Grant,
Film & Television Lecturer.

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NC Film & Photography students receive their own camera kit

NC Film & Photography Students with their new kit

NC Film & Photography students took delivery of their very own camera kit this week as part of a new initiative launched this year. The equipment will be theirs to keep on successful completion of their one year course as part of a costed programme within New College Lanarkshire for bursary funded students only.

As part of an ongoing initiative each student accepted onto the NC Film & Photography course for the academic year starting August 2018 will receive their own camera, tripod and camera bag. The equipment for the current students includes:


  •  Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400 Camera
  •  Manfrotto Compact Advanced aluminium tripod with 3-way head
  •  Manfrotto Advanced camera shoulder bag

“The continuing evolution, and lowered price point of digital imaging technology now means we can give each of our NC Film and Photography students their own personal kit that will assist them greatly in learning the basics of shooting both stills and video.

The fact that they can keep this kit on successful completion of their course is further motivation for them to do well in their studies.”

– Michael Grant,
Film & Television Lecturer.

Applications for the NC Film & Photography course (beginning 20th August 2018)  are now being taken. To apply follow this link 

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Student works on Cadbury’s advert shoot

Jonathan on location

HND Film & Television student Jonathan Lynn recently gained some very valuable work experience for his CV, volunteering as a runner on a day long location shoot in Coatbridge. Filming an advert for Cadbury with MTP Productions and documenting the experience in his HND journal:

“Yesterday I took on the role of runner on location for Cadbury’s “Happy Birthday Mum TV advert”.

The location for the shoot was my Aunt’s corner shop in Coatdykes so when I heard about it I asked if she could speak to location scout Derek Yeaman who has worked in the industry for 20 years and ask if I could come along and do some work experience. Derek agreed and said he would look after me.

I arrived at 7am and was first on set. A fleet of vehicles, several large lorries and around 50 members of cast and crew showed up not long after. I was given a high-vis vest, a walkie talkie and started work. Me and the other runners were told to build and dissemble tents, move equipment, set up the catering area, make coffees and numerous other small tasks. I tried to work as quickly, efficiently and professionally as possible as I was learning on the job.

I got speaking to as many people as I could on set and asked about their jobs and how they got started and got some contact details. Derek also talked me up to some of the production assistants for MTP Productions and asked them to keep me in mind if they have any future work.

I finished at around 8pm as the shoot ran over from its initial schedule of finishing for 5:30pm. It was a long day and the work was hard but it was an eye opener seeing the scale of production for a short TV advert.”

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