During the pandemic, the Film & TV department, like so many other departments, went online. Although there were huge challenges to overcome, one of the areas that benefitted was our guest speaker slot…there were suddenly a lot of people with a lot of time on their hands!!!

In August 2020, Kim Beveridge and executive producer, Sarah Harkins, put together a guest speaker programme aimed at students looking at gaining a foothold in an industry that has issues with wider participation. This became the kernel of the Action! Project.
As we deliver the FA programme, Skills Development Scotland were interested in our approach to the guest speaker slot and we managed to secure some funding to develop the project.

Being in such close proximity to Wardpark where Outlander is based presented an opportunity to build links with the production and mitigate against the fact that students cannot apply for traineeships. The department put together a funding application which listed three aims and a series of outcomes.  

ACTION Project Promotional Graphics courtesy of department lecturer Alec Cheer.
  • To consolidate and develop the links we have made with the Outlander training programme in order to provide an insight into the Film & TV industry, with a view to establishing a pathway to future collaborations and work placements. 
  • To involve a wide inter-disciplinary range of students in the production of high quality video content, produced in collaboration with the Outlander training programme, to enhance their learning experience. 
  • To produce a range of high quality learning materials which will not only benefit the students involved in the production process, but also a wide range of future students. 

At the end of May Action! secured a production base and employed a production assistant, former HND Alumni Hannah Love, to oversee the project.In June, Action! shot its first video with Lauren Lambie and student Sean Gray and as we come into the new Academic Year, the project will move into its next phase. 

By creating a series of production videos, the aim will be to capture various roles and experiences with the focus very much being on the students. These videos will include exploring production roles, capturing the trainee experience and gathering student feedback on their own experience during the process. there will also be accompanying student resource packs aimed at the Foundation Apprenticeship students.

“Partnership and collaboration lie at the core of the creative industries and the student experience within NCLFILMTV is modelling this moving forward. ACTION! Has been established now and we plan to continue the project as the department’s internal production company.  

This is based on a series of collaborative projects like EXTRACTS, a partnership with Brian Ferguson and the acting and performing students from City college. We’re already in talks about how to refine and relaunching the the EXTRACTS project again next semester to showcase the skills and talent of both production and performance students.

The ACTION! Project has been funded by Skills Development Scotland and is operating as a production company run by students, developing skills and teaching material by directly connecting students with film and tv industry professionals.  

The content that Action! will feature will include in-depth interviews with professionals, focusing on processes and best practices within the Scottish Film and TV industry and the variety of roles within the sector and the skills needed to do each job, with diversity and inclusivity at the core.” 

Kim Beveridge, Film & Television Lecturer.

Action! is now up and running and looking for creative partnerships to enhance the student experience. If you’d like more details about the project or have a possible partnership in mind please email:

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