NextGen Pilot: Late Registration

HN students watch a practical demo. Photo courtesy of Graeme Ross.

So much to cover I don’t where to begin…how about week three.

We spent the first two weeks online which actually was a nice way to ease everyone back in to coming back into college. A lot of discussion took place between staff around levels of anxiety and worries about student Health and well-being. A decision was taken in the first two weeks to approach the teaching with a “light touch” and not put them on high alert.
Saying that, we did introduce them to Teams and managed to set them three assignments – one on the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator and two on Location and Risk Assessments. The latter being quite dry but very important for their production work. 

We also introduced the learners to the projects they will be doing in the next year. We managed to really sell the idea of project work and the importance of team work for the new NextGen qualification. I think they got it but we’ll see in a few weeks time when the projects start to roll.  

Practical shoot setup for HNC

The assignments they’ve been set so far are not graded. We’re too early into the teaching to start that, but I have identified the students who I think will be the first to hand in work. We usually can tell this every year. I suppose that only tells us that there are quite a few procrastinators in our midst. The grading system will kick in soon but I’ll cover that at a later date.  

The Myers-Briggs test was sold as the jump-start to the Metaskills part of the new qualification. The learners all enjoyed this and felt it was particularly useful and resonated. We also asked them to do it with their friends in order to see whether it landed with them too. It was good to see who the Commanders and Mediators were as this will come in handy during the group work. 

Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator: 16 Types

One exciting aspect of the new course is the project work. Kevin and Alec are being tasked with overseeing the technical part of the qualification and so far, the practical application is working well. The students are also responding to the workshop element and are happy to be outside working with equipment and delivering projects with a tight turnaround.  

The Tuesday lecture slot is also proving popular with learners as they can see other people who are not us and 20 years younger, talk about practice and their own journey in Film & TV. Hearing voices like their own is probably more important than listening to someone harp on about a Multi-million pound production. That sometimes feels like the equivalent of dancing to Architecture!!!

– Alan Moffat, Film & Television Lecturer.

HNC’s learn slating for a shoot.

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