HNC Horror Short “Lorelai”

Short Horror Film “Lorelai”

In the beginning we had few different ideas on what we’d shoot, but in the end we went with my horror idea for the script. We wrote it down, and then, together we came up with a shot list. Dylan and I found the doll on Gumtree, which I bought for 5 quid the next day. Then we split the rest of paperwork between us, and set up a production schedule. We planned on shooting the whole movie at my house.

We shot the movie over three days. Everyone had a turn at every role in the crew. I mostly handled the directing, leaving the shooting to others with explanation of what I’m looking for in the shot.

Mateusz Pandzierski, HNC Film & Television, 2019.

Overall we shot the film for around 3 days at Mateusz` house, he filmed on his own for a day, with his cousin, and we did two days of Foley work. All days of filming were really interesting, we had to set up and get familiar with a lot of different gear, lighting scenes properly was essential to a great looking film, getting levels right is essential to avoid sound distortion and you obviously need good camera work.

Before shooting we had to do some basic but pretty effective Mise En Scene, things like new bed sheets, some books and a guitar made the scene feel much more alive.

I also feel I helped greatly in the editing process. Meeting up with Mateusz and Charlie to get some great Foley sound effects done, editing the whole video down, and adding effects to both video and audio really helped make the film what it was. Without the ridiculous amount of effort we put into editing I don’t think the film would’ve been half as good.

Overall I feel the horror project turned out extremely well and I’m happy with the work we did.

Dylan Lumsden, HNC Film & Television, 2019.

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