HNC Film Noir Trailer, “One Last Job”

“The short trailer is for a film noir feature about a homeless ex-serviceman that has been offered an opportunity of a lifetime… but with a deadly catch!

I took the role of writing the script, sketching up the story board and directing the shoot; and for some of the shots, I had the opportunity to be behind the camera and shoot some scenes.

The idea That I had in mind was to make this film noir trailer a contemporary piece [set in the present]. I found writing the script for this trailer was quite difficult, as a trailer doesn’t follow the same structure as a normal screenplay script. Ronan Smith, Todd Forrest and I, put together the pitch for the trailer, and once we were happy with it, we moved straight onto discussing locations and who to cast.

I suggested to the group to cast my mother [Liz Ewing] as the ‘kind woman’ in the trailer, as she is an actress. Ronan offered to play our protagonist [the homeless man, John Rose] and Todd also offered to play the role of the ‘Mysterious man’. I also wanted to contribute to the art direction of the trailer; I had made a fake MI5 file, by drawing the logo on the front of the envelope, and also creating the file from scratch: I’d printed off pictures of Ronan and Liz Ewing, and placed them onto the file. I tried to make it look official by highlighting certain words/ sentences and scribbling random numbers and letters across the page etc… we filmed in Glasgow across two days. It was a very successful shoot as we all stuck to our individual jobs and completed it to a very high standard.

The post production process was quite interesting. Todd and I had no experience of editing and so this was a great opportunity to gain the knowledge. Ronan had editing experience and he helped to show us the basics which was very helpful!

I’d found a royalty free music track for the trailer which I thought would go well with our storyline [action/thriller].”

Jasmine Ewing, HNC Film & Television 2019

“I was an actor for the film, which I was reluctant to do, but since there was no dialogue for my character, I just had to look rough, homeless and cold. Which with some make-up and old clothes and Mataeusz’s bag was easy. Out of all of us Jasmine had the most imput of how a shot should be portrayed and I had input on a lot of the camera work. After the film was shot I was doing the editing and sorting out all the clips, which was tough but fun, I learned a lot from this experience. For one I know I am pretty strong in the editing bay and that when I get a lot of footage I have a clear vision of what it should look like, the film didn’t completely come out how I would have liked but it was still awesome and I think one of the better noir’s filmed. I greatly enjoyed my experience and would love to do it again.”

Ronan Smith, HNC Film & Television 2019
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