Hannah Love: HNC Short Film, Lamia

My story and overall idea I think is a strength in my project. I managed to create a good idea for horror that is based around trauma. Using real life issues like trauma, eating disorders and abuse gave my story real life horror that people can relate to. The creature concept for Lamia was something I spent time researching so that the creature under the bed would fit with the story and would be a child eating monster. Creatively I think overall it was a good idea that would grab people’s attention.

Another strength would be the makeup look I created for Lamia, making the nails and face was something I really enjoyed, and it has now made me want to do more SFX looks and gain some skills in make-up. Peoples reaction to the look has been very positive and has pushed me towards trying out other looks.

Hannah Love, HNC Film & Television, 2018.

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