Learning in real time…

Today the UK woke up to a Conservative Landslide victory in the first winter General Election since 1923.

Boris Johnson’s campaign was run on “Get Brexit Done” and this largely resonated with votes in England and Wales who overwhelmingly voted in 2016 to leave Europe. The picture in Scotland is vastly different. the SNP won a landslide victory where they returned 45 seats and an increase of in their popular vote from 977,569 in 2017 to 1,242,380.  The constitution is now firmly back on the agenda within UK politics. Some would argue it hasn’t really disappeared since the 2014 Referendum.

This morning, we set our students, some of them who had voted for the first time, a News Gathering task. the brief was simple…go out and film vox-pops and gauge the temperature of the local population in Cumbernauld. They had to film, edit and deliver the report in a single 3 hour period with the final report being published on our blog.

This is learning in real time.

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