International ART Week: University of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca

Film & TV Department promo for the conference.

The ADEMA University School, a centre attached to the University of the Balearic Islands, held an inaugural International ART Week this year in Mallorca and NCL’s Film & Television department were invited to attend and present at the event.

The conference brought together professionals, researchers and artists from all over the world to discuss the latest developments in the field of Fine Art and share good practice between top international universities and institutions. Film and TV lecturer Alec Cheer was accompanied on the trip by the lecturer and Fine Artist, Sheila Boyle. Nine other speakers presented during the conference including representatives from the ADEMA University School, Chelsea School of Art and Glasgow School of Art.

A number of films and short features were submitted to the department for inclusion in a department wide project; “Postcards From The Edge” to gather content for the presentation. Staff and students across all levels of our courses contributed to give a snapshot of our department’s current practice, ethos and vision for the future.

The Film & TV department are currently piloting the next generation of HN qualifications in Television.

The Adema Art School is very new (their first degree cohort start in September!) so getting the chance of seeing the start of an Art School was exciting. Palma is a city full of creativity, the amount of public art I saw in and around the city was inspiring.

It was great to be part of the conference and show the good work our department does. The feedback we got was very positive, the quality of the student’s work being a big talking point, as was the way we creatively use mobile technology.

Listening to everyone’s different ideas, perspectives and approaches was inspiring. Showing that we are not a million miles away from these HE organisations in our approach.

After two years of communicating online and blended teaching, it was refreshing to meet with people face to face, to practice what we preach to the students about meta-skills. The importance of getting yourself out there, communicating and networking always ready for potential collaboration.

Alec Cheer, Film & Television Lecturer
Moving Image and Stills documenting the first International ART Week, courtesy of Alec Cheer.

Palma is a city which clearly has creativity at its heart. It was inspiring to navigate the historic streets and explore the diverse mix of traditional, contemporary and public art alongside spontaneous street art. Adema has certainly picked the right spot for their new Art School.

The Conference provided a unique opportunity to meet with colleagues from institutions across the UK and Europe, to share good practice and common goals, and meeting in person enriched the whole experience. As a fine artist and educational practitioner, it was inspiring to gain insight into each institution’s creative projects. I found it particularly refreshing to see that, irrespective of academic level, each representative had the same core values and aims: to bring out the best in their students through skills development, peer collaboration and practice relevant content. It was great to see examples of so many independent self motivated students who demonstrated confidence in their own practice.

I am impressed and proud of how the output presented by our Film & TV team and students, stood shoulder to shoulder with higher level institutions. They demonstrated the true value of professional collaboration and how they so positively adapted to the challenges of the last two years.

I was intrigued by how the Adema team plan to integrate technologies held within the broader institution into their creative output in the form of 3D printing and haptic technology and Amparo’s insight into NFT’s has lead me to think on ways in which to develop creative digital arts within my personal and professional practice.

Sheila Boyle, Art Lecturer

The Head of Studies for the Fine Arts degree in Mallorca, saw it as “essential” that “new studies look ahead at technologies, the future and new perceptions and interpretations… being able to integrate knowledge into new processes of creation and disciplinary and interdisciplinary experimentation.”

Amparo Sard, Head of Fine Art Studies, Adema University. Mallorca
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