Cara Smillie HND Short Documentary

Cara’s Documentary Feature: The Divine Hag

Overall, I am very happy with the outcome of my documentary. There were a few things that did not go to plan including filming dates that had to be rescheduled, this was due to Margaret having to do a PCR test and she could not get the results in time for the shoot. I feel I learned to be flexible when arranging dates and for next time, If possible? I would set one date for a backup day for the shoot.

I also wanted to film the workshops that Margaret runs, where people come and make candles but due to COVID she was not running the workshops at that time. Something I would do differently if I could redo the project is to maybe to try to get some more people involved, for example Margaret’s daughters as their perspective would have been interesting to explore.

Something else I feel I could have done differently is maybe show the products being used by a customer and have shot more footage in the workshop. I feel overall I was very organised with the project, and I feel like I communicated and worked well with Margaret and the crew for the interview.

Maybe I could have been more directorial when I was filming with Margaret in the workshop? so I could have thought of shots in advance of the shoot. I made a rough shot list for example Margaret walking into the Whisky Bond next to a sign, Close up of products on a shelf, film the processes of making a candle, mist etc.

Cara Smillie, HND Film & Television Student
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