NCL Film & Television student accepted to The Royal Conservatoire Scotland

Kieran’s 2021 Showreel

Belated congratulations go out to HND Film & Television student Kieran McLaughlin, who took his place this year on The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s BA in Film-making, one of the most competitive and prestigious film courses in the UK.

Kieran began his course at NCL in the autumn of 2019 and only a few month months later Covid19 hit the United Kingdom, effectively cancelling all physical classes and moving all remaining teaching online. Over the majority of their remaining HN course, Kieran and his classmates faced many practical issues with their coursework, trying to complete films and documentaries around the many physical restrictions placed on movement and meeting people.

In addition to shooting features like Cavendish, which was picked up by Amazon Prime whilst he was still a student at NCL, Kieran also managed to complete and deliver his documentary on Sartorialism in the autumn of 2020. He was also a key team member in the production of Extracts, a collaboration with Actor and Lecturer Brian Ferguson and his students at City of Glasgow College.

Still from Kieran’s documentary on Sartorialism

‘Extracts’ was comprised of a series of 10 short scenes, performed by City of Glasgow’s performance students and shot on location in and around Cumbernauld and was delivered at the end of the academic year 2021 for these HND students as part of their Showreels, when lockdown constraints were finally relaxed.

Behind the scenes stills from the “Extracts” project

In an interview for a feature in this blog Kieran talked about the Conservatoire and the fact he’d applied and been rejected once before for the BA and his focus around his 2021 application.

I have reapplied to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Having previously applied, I have been able to take positives away from each application, learn and develop myself and recognise areas for improvement. I have spent the last year focusing on this and hope to be successful in my application this time.

Kieran McLaughlin

It’s testament to the sheer hard work and determination these students showed over the pandemic that they not only completed their course but did so delivering a body of high quality work over the most difficult practical circumstances.

Our best wishes go out to Kieran for his BA course at RCS and we hope he’ll return and show us what he’s working on in the future.

Michael Grant, Film & Television Lecturer

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