Brass, aye? The Sit Down

Brass, Aye? The Sit Down

NCL Film & Television students past and present, recently collaborated on the production of a music video for Glasgow band Brass, aye? The song; “The Sit Down” was created as part of the band’s Making Moves Project, made possible by funding from Creative Scotland, and released to coincide with COP26 in Glasgow.

The track was written by band leader Richard Merchant and the video was directed by band member Tam Dean Burn. Members of the public and local community around The Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow were invited to participate and film alongside NCL Film and Television students.

Their footage was then edited by NCL Film and TV alumni Andrew Dunn supported by Tricky Hat Productions, associate artist and producer for the project; Kim Beveridge.

‘I’ve been part of Tricky Hat Artist in Residence creative team for Ward 23, Partick East and Kelvindale since the early development stage in spring 2019. During the last lockdown, we created a sound walk called ‘Round Out Place’ that took audiences on a journey around the area, through audio, listening to stories and music from the community via an app on their phones.

The collaboration with Brass, aye? felt like a natural extension of this, seeing the community walk, talk, make music, film, and sit together to have an open and honest chat about the change they want to see, demanding to be heard and for ‘talk’ to be turned into action! 

Also, it was really fun to be out filming again with the students and this was the first time my 6-year-old son Archie had seen me work as a filmmaker. He’s in the video along with some of the students and other NCL staff’s kids. I’m really privileged to have a job where I’m able to blend and bring together all the areas in my life I’m passionate about to make art and maybe some change?

Kim Beveridge, Film & Television Lecturer

I loved being part of the Brass, aye? filming. It was a great opportunity to see the pre production, filming and post production processes in a real life scenario. Everyone involved was friendly, professional and had some words of wisdom for us students. It was a wonderful collaborative experience with everyone involved doing their bit for a great end result.

Sarah Stables, HNC Film & Television

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