James Reid: L’appel Du Vide 88

“My second film, I tried a bit harder, went a bit deeper into the character and came out with a film better than my first effort.

I tackled the subject of male suicide. Which is a subject I feel I owe a bit of thought about. I managed to get a composer called Emily Frances Ippolito to score the full film, which I  think works to great effect during each scene.

Paul Chalmers, the lead actor, really stole the show. On screen he was in the zone, fully committed to the character, then off camera very funny, a charming man who will be going places in the future.”

-James Reid, HND Film & Television.

Going into his HND year James Reid began production on a personal project in addition to his college work. In collaboration with Christopher Mullins he worked up a script which dealt with the difficult subject matter of suicide, which is one of the biggest single killers of males aged under 45 years of age in the UK.

With a completed script he undertook an ambitious plan for what was only his second feature. This involved putting together a crew from his HN classmates, auditioning three actors for the feature’s major roles and securing permission to film at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow as one of the locations.

After the production phase was completed James set to work on the edit and  also secured the services of  composer Emily Frances Ippolito to score the film.

We were all impressed with the tenacity, vision and ambition James displayed throughout all three phases of production and the level of professionalism he brought to all aspects of his second film.  As a result he was awarded the category of “Promising Young Director” at our end of year Film Festival 2019.

After completing his HND in Film & Television at NCL  James secured entry to year 3 of a BA course in Film at Napier University, where he is currently continuing his studies.

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