Garry Thomson: Showreel

For his HND Film and Television Graded Unit, Garry Thomson aimed to deliver a fast paced, cinematic  showreel, featuring highly stylized, exploitation style footage, underscored by a strong soundtrack.

His showreel features work from his impressive HNC graded unit film “Feral” and two more features he shot over his HND year; “Fever In The Blood”, a short adapted from a Coen brother’s script and his own original screenplay; “Mama Cat”. His reel highlighted his strong visual story telling skills as a director, and cleverly packaged all of the features as a series of trailers in homage to the “Grindhouse” genre of the 1970’s.

Garry’s reel and final year project also benefited  from his considerable digital imaging and graphic design skills, including his motion graphics project to render a logo for his production company G Spaceman and an impressive series of graphic film posters which open each of the three film’s sequences.  In addition to his film work Garry also produced a very strong portfolio website that documents his final year’s work influences and inspirations.

Click on the screenshot below to visit:

HND Film and Television student Garry Thomson’s portfolio website for G Spaceman Productions.

Garry is continuing his studies at degree level, beginning a BA Hon’s in Television at Napier University’s Glasgow campus this coming August.

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