R.I.P. – The Roommate in Post-Life

“Sam moves into her first flat. Everything seems perfect. But  when she’s unpacking  it suddenly appears that she’s not alone.”

R.I.P. is a short film, scripted, directed and produced by student Maja Engnell for her HNC Film and Television graded unit.  It was awarded the best short narrative feature at our inaugural 2018 Film Festival at the CCA.

For her first proper feature Maja wrote a simple script that meant many of the organisational and logistical headaches of the production stage were kept to a manageable minimum.

Utilising three actors, one location and a small crew meant that she could really hone in on the performances and basic technical aspects of directing her first feature, and her finished production greatly impressed all of us here in the department with its assured storytelling, natural performances and gentle comedy.

We often tell students to keep it simple for their first feature and R.I.P. is a great example of this approach.



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