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Student Jordanne Lee has a busy schedule. In addition to looking after her young son and studying NC Film & Photography at New College Lanarkshire’s Cumbernauld campus she also runs the site ‘The Life of A Glasgow Girl‘; a lifestyle blog that covers topics such as beauty, fashion, parenting and much more.

Within the Film & Television department we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of students who use or wish to use online platforms like Instagram, YouTube or blogging/vlogging as the main focus for their work, and have chosen our NC Film & Photography or HN Film & Television courses to learn the range of production skills needed in these areas.  We caught up with Jordanne to ask her about the site and how her course feeds into her work as a blogger.

When and what made you start your blog; ‘The Life of a Glasgow Girl’?

I started my blog back in 2015 but I wasn’t known as “The Life of a Glasgow Girl”, To start with, I simply used my name as I was new to the bloggersphere. One day I decided I was sick of living my dream through other people by just reading their blogs so I had a go for myself.

I really liked the idea of being able to write about what I wanted when I wanted, I had a plan of sharing my opinions on products and sharing funny stories about my son, but I did fall away from those topics for a while. After getting used to blogging for a few months I wanted a rebrand, I wasn’t happy with the direction my blog was going in so “The Life of a Glasgow Girl” was born. Since I had my rebrand I feel my blog has just kept growing and growing. It’s been an exciting journey to be on, if I’m honest, I couldn’t imagine my life without my blog anymore.

How difficult is it to balance your studies with your work on the site?

At first I found it very difficult to juggle college, my blog and being a mother, it took me a while to get into a routine. I tried so hard to do everything all at once but after I took a step back, stopped YouTube and prioritised my time I found that everything ran a lot smoother. Now I can fit everything in with no problems, still allowing me to take on new work, be the best mum I can be and keep my college work all up to date. For me it’s all about taking things one step at a time, breathing through the stress then tackling what I need to.

Tell us one of the highs and one of the lows of your journey as a blogger?

This is a very difficult question because since starting my blogging journey I have had an array of highs. I have worked with some pretty amazing brands to date like Boohoo, The Body Shop, SECC, became a brand ambassador for Magnitone London and built up amazing working relationships with many others which you can see here.

One of the lows would have to be dealing with online trolls, there was a point it got so bad I had to get the police involved but luckily it calmed down. It was a low point for me as I stopped blogging for a month or so and I missed it so much. I managed to get my head back into the right place where I could face it all again.

Has studying NC Film & Photography helped with any aspects of your blogging?

My main focus for starting this course was to up my skills for my blog, since starting my NC in Film & Photography my photos have improved dramatically. I have been able to think outside the box more when it comes to taking photos and applying techniques I’ve learned in college. I knew being on this course would help me but I definitely underestimated just how much it would help me, I’m a much more confident blogger I would say and I know others have picked up on this as well. I no longer second guess myself, I’m able to produce good written content along with high quality photos to match, Running a blog is filled with so much work that you don’t initially realise, especially if you want to succeed in this industry so taking on a course which has helped me improve all my skills is the best step I could have taken to really help boost “The Life of a Glasgow Girl”

Your course finishes in June this year, have you made any future plans?

I’ve applied for HNC Film & Television as I really want pursue the video side of everything more, the way the industry is growing right now it would really help me to have filming experience under my belt and this would help dramatically if I want to go back to YouTube. I’ve got my conditional offer so fingers crossed my NC goes well, I’ll be back again in August.

In terms of my blog I hope to keep growing, learning as I go and hopefully one day I’ll be able to make it my full time job as that really is where I would love to take it, it’s an industry I’m in love with, what better way to spend the next few years than being my own boss?

NC Film & Photography student and blogger Jordanne Lee

“Jordanne is a great example of a new generation of media students that are using digital imaging and film production skills to generate their own content and distribution channels, bypassing more traditional routes through the Creative Industries sector.

Over the last five years we’ve been adapting our courses to cater for this type of autonomous content production and it’s good to see students like Jordanne taking these skills and applying them in these areas. Her focus, dedication and drive have impressed everyone in the department.”

-Michael Grant, Film & Televsion Lecturer

Study NC Film & Photography at New College Lanarkshire
As part of a new initiative launched this year all bursary funded students accepted onto the NC Film & Photography course at Cumbernauld campus will receive their very own camera, tripod and camera bag.  The equipment will be theirs to keep on successful completion of their one year course as part of a costed programme within New College Lanarkshire. The equipment for the current cohort of students includes:


  •  Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400 Camera
  •  Manfrotto Compact Advanced aluminium tripod with 3-way head
  •  Manfrotto Advanced camera shoulder bag

Applications for the NC Film & Photography course (beginning 20th August 2018)  are now being taken. To apply follow this link 

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