Students “Shift” up a Gear

The second week of the NTS “Shift” project began with both TV classes reviewing the previous weeks work and identifying the main strengths and weaknesses of the final short video which went live the previous Friday.

The feedback the students received from NTS was excellent and it set up the second week’s filming nicely.

Simon Sharkey opens the exhibition at Cumbernauld Town Hall

Two students from HND Television (Jack Carey & John Pittendreigh) and one student from HNC Sound Production (Pamela Arnachellum) went out to film at the “Shift” Exhibition on Tuesday evening at Cumbernauld Town Hall.  The exhibition  included portrait photography by John Farnan and a collaborative, community art project led by artist Alan Greive. HNDTV student Scott Fraser was also on hand to film his own  documentary on the student’s involvement with the Shift project.

Summerlee Singers record some traditional songs

On Wednesday and Thursday, HNCTV student Conor Purvis took on editing duties and worked with artist Kim Beveridge to ensure the second week’s film was delivered on the Friday. This included reviewing content from the exhibition and footage shot the previous week of the Summerlee Singers recording at the studio Facilities at Cumbernauld campus.

Conor was instrumental in ensuring the edit was delivered on time and to a high quality, showing some really nice creative touches, like his decision to  use the choir’s singing in the credit sequence to end the promo on a high note.

Filming interviews with choir members

“Everyone who took part in this week’s filming and editing impressed Kim with their can-do attitude and commitment to the project. One of the great things about live projects is that there is a degree of initiative that the students have to employ.

As well as demonstrating some essential hard skills, the students were also able to demonstrate some really important soft skills such as communication (dealing with members of the public), decision making (how to identify and fix potential problems with technical set-ups) and working with each other to ensure the project was delivered on time.”

-Alan Moffat, Film & Television Lecturer

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