Grave Day Productions Guest Lecture

Kris Cummings (Left) and David Gray of Grave Day Productions

The second in a series of guest lectures for our HN level students kicked off on Friday with a presentation from David Gray and Kris Cummings.

David (an alumni of our 2014 HN Film & Television course)  and Kris write and develop comedy content through their YouTube channel Grave Day Productions and are regular contributors to the BBC’s ‘The Social’ and have also written material for the weekly BBC Radio Scotland satirical news show ‘Breaking The News’.

Their presentation covered their own experiences of writing  developing and filming content. Showcasing characters and material they have created, from early sketches to their popular Planet Janet series that runs on the BBC”S “The Social” channel.

“Kris and David delivered a great presentation that showcased their skills as comedy writers and  their future ambitions for Grave Day Productions.

Their lecture was not only very entertaining but also contained some really sound advice, motivation and inspiration for all our HN students hoping to make a career in Film and Television.”

– Michael Grant, Film & Television Lecturer.

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