Christopher Kelly HND Short Documentary

Christopher Kelly’s HND Short Documentary Feature “Three Strikes”

Making this documentary was a great experience. Although I am very happy with the finished video, I feel as though I learned something about my own abilities at every stage of production and certainly made a few technical mistakes that I can learn from.

The production schedule was in a constant state of change during the course of filming. Originally I had envisioned filming the B-roll footage as a simulated game, so that I could get cinematic shots in close-up and slow-motion. This changed late in the pre-production stage due to the schedule of the teams, which meant that we had to instead shoot a live game and outdoor interviews with minimal crew. This presented several logistical challenges, however I think we managed to get some really nice shots, particularly the shots captured over the shoulder of the batters.

For filming the interviews, I had very short windows of time to get an interview with each subject. Five sit-down interviews were conducted over three days, mostly solo shooting, which included a trip up to Tayport. There were lessons learned on some of the shoots in terms of lighting and maintaining good eyelines, however I think one of the final shoots (with Saeed) really came together well technically and produced some great looking footage. I also took the opportunity to film some individual B-roll of the subject’s uniforms which I think looked particularly nice when used in the documentary.

In post-production, with five multi-camera sit down interviews, five pitch-side outdoor interviews, and footage from three games to work with, I certainly had an abundance of video to edit. Cutting it all down to under 12 minutes was a time-consuming but enjoyable task. I had to really work hard to balance the pacing of the video while including as much as I could to showcase the passion of the players and highlight as many interesting topics of the sport as possible.

I wanted to ensure that the video felt like one flowing conversation with ten voices and to not be artificially split into subjects with title cards for instance, and I feel that I achieved that. This was also the most amount of work I had done so far in terms of colour adjustments in post-production, as the lighting conditions on all shoots were completely different from each other.

In the end, I am happy with this documentary and think that it achieved my main goal of highlighting the league and the passion of the players in an entertaining manner that would appeal to both fans of the sport and to people who don’t know that baseball exists in Scotland.

Christopher Kelly HND Film/TV Student

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