NextGen Pilot: Metaskills in Action

Documenting metaskills in Microsoft Teams

A large part of the new HNC is about capturing how students perform when you put them into a group or team setting. A lot of what we miss is also some of the most important parts of what a student learns – how to negotiate, how to contribute, how to stay focussed, knowing when to shut up and listen!

We’re now in week five and I’ve created a “Metaskills in Action” channel in Teams. The purpose is to observe and evaluate each student in relation to the projects they have been assigned. Hopefully by the time we reach June we will be able to demonstrate a methodology that goes some way to capturing the essence of learning in a group setting. I see this as a very important part of the new approach to Quality Assurance.

The latest exercise we set the groups involved setting them a Shot list/Shooting Sequence task. This proved to be the most challenging task yet and as of the Wednesday evening (22/09/2021), only seven students had managed to properly work out what the object of the exercise was.

They were given the task of taking a two-page script, working out a shot list and then re-arranging this to accommodate the shooting sequence and camera set-ups – all the time to make the shoot run as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Again, both A1 and A2 Groups on the Tuesday were well attended and we are already seeing relationships being established amongst the students. There appears to be a natural order taking place in relation to those who are maybe a little more confident and those who are reluctant to pop their heads above or in some cases in front of the camera. It’s not an acting for camera course but there is something to be said about being in front of the camera and how difficult it actually is. Hopefully this will allow them to empathise with the talent as they will need to when they start trying to recruit for their short film.  

The students of course will not get to see this information as it will be used to Grade them in the Metaskills aspect of the course. They will be given feedback however on the work they produce and they will be given a “Report card” at the end of Semester one which will focus on areas we think they need to improve on. This will include technical skills, attitude, attendance and overall performance and contribution to team work

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