HND Television student awarded RTS Bursary

To aid his final year studies at New College Lanarkshire, HND Film & Television student Ronan Smith has been awarded a bursary from the Royal Television Society and STV.

Ronan writes;

“To be honest, it was quite intimidating when I applied for the Royal Television Society, I had to go into depth on my background such as where I came from, my struggles, my education and why I was applying, showcasing some of the work I had done with New College Lanarkshire previously. Which in fact was the easy part.

I then had a two-hour phone call with the Bursary manager Anne Dawson. This was a tough task as sometimes I stammer when speaking to new people, especially on the phone, but I felt at ease as the call went on explaining about what I had written in my application and she was lovely to speak to.  

After I was just waiting with anticipation to see if I would get a callback, they first had to speak to my lecturer Alan Moffat and get his input on whether I would be a good candidate for the RTS Bursary Program. To my surprise I got a call back letting me know that I had been accepted for the bursary scheme, I was over the moon, waiting for the moment I could post it on social media. Recently I had my zoom induction, and it was amazing to be surrounded by so many amazingly talented people, I am eager and excited for what is to come. 

A massive thank you to Alan Moffat and Michael Grant for helping me all the way from NQ to HND, I wouldn’t have gotten this far so fast with the college and becoming a member of RTS without their continued support! “

– Ronan Smith, HND Film & Television student.

“Ronan had approached us over the summer months to inform us that he had applied for the bursary and I was contacted by RTS shortly thereafter to provide a reference. It was important that I spent a bit of time writing this up as we are as a team, acutely aware that there are groups underrepresented within the Creative sector. These include people from BME communities, females in technical roles and males from SIMD 1 and 2 post codes. 
Students such as Ronan struggle to get a foot in the door due to lacking connections and having no personal role models with backgrounds in the creative sector. They have to make their own connections and coming on a college course and applying for the RTS bursary marks the start of that journey.

Ronan still has much work to do and RTS are fully supporting him by providing mentoring opportunities, signing him up for workshops and engaging him to write up how he is progressing with his studies.”

– Alan Moffat, Film & Television Lecturer.

The Royal Television Society offers two types of bursary schemes; the Technology Bursary and the TV Production and Journalism Bursary. The schemes are designed to support people from lower-income backgrounds to pursue a career in the television industry. For more information please visit:

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