Learning Lessons from Covid-19

Preparations begin for face to face teaching beginning Monday 21st September

With a new academic term now underway in the midst of a pandemic, it is still massively important to make efforts to stop the possible spread of coronavirus.

The Film & TV team spent the summer working on timetables to ensure that their students could return safely for the new academic session.This included reducing the capacity of class sizes, capping the number of days the students would be in college and spreading each of the course groups across the working week. Within the classrooms themselves, each student has been assigned a workstation which they will use exclusively throughout the year. The staff room and techbase have been moved to ensure that the “Film & TV bubble” does indeed become a bubble. 

Other measures the department have put in place include designing a student questionnaire back in July and sending it out to all students in advance. This sought to ask various questions such as ICT requirements, the distance each student would be travelling to college, any equipment students already had at their disposal and any caring responsibilities they may have.

Students were also asked to complete a Film & TV Production Coronavirus Basic Awareness module through industry body Skillset before starting the course. Before any face-to-face teaching can begin, they have also been issued with separate guidance on how to conduct themselves whilst in college. 

“We identified as far back as April that we would be facing huge challenges if the situation had not changed by August this year.

Having been the person who took responsibility for the timetabling of our courses since merger, I predicted that the 40% estate capacity would have a huge bearing on what a “working day” would like. I began to work on versions of a timetable that struck a compromise between bringing the students into college for face-to-face teaching whilst driving the learning and teaching remotely using a combination of Zoom lectures, teams guidance and meaningful self-directed study through project work.

We thus have to adapt and hope the learners can see we are making a huge effort to make this work for them.”

-Alan Moffat, Film & Television Lecturer

Face masks at the ready. Face-to-face teaching begins on Monday 21st September. Fingers crossed it will continue…

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