“Always The Worst” Podcast

NC Film & Photography student Chris Haughey (top Left) with fellow contributors on the Always The Worst Podcast Twitch Live stream.

“On Friday the 22nd of May I launched “Always The Worst” Podcast on twitch. A podcast around all things film and TV, the first episode featured a review The Wickerman…from 2006. Remakes or reboots are always to be approached with caution and this is no option. Myself and the other reviewers took a critical, albeit comical, look at the film and “deconstructed” everything from the plot to the cinematography. We concluded that if this was actually a comedy more than a horror, it would probably have a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The move to twitch came about as we wanted to engage with our audience in a way that sometimes live audio podcasts can’t. The feedback we got from those who watched the livestream bears this out. They got everything from fact checking, to movie requests and top notch banter…as well as being able to see our ugly mugs on camera.” 

Always The Worst Podcast airs every Friday at 6pm on twitch.tv/alwaystheworstpodcast

Chris Haughey, NQ Film and Photography Student

“I have listened to Chris’s podcast on Spotify since lockdown began and I’ve been impressed with the level of research they have put into their reviews. I was delighted to hear he’s moved it up a notch and migrated across to Twitch.

He is demonstrating that during lockdown you can continue to be engaged by working on research, developing ideas and building your skillset using new technologies. It’s also entertaining which in some ways is rule number 1″

Alan Moffat, Film & Television Lecturer

Catch up with archived episodes of “Always The Worst” podcast  at YouTube:


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