Maclej by name: magic by nature

An NQ Film and Photography student has made good use of his time during the Covid-19 lockdown. Maclej Gapik finished editing his documentary “Citizen of the World” which documents his travels to far-flung corners such as Jordan, Iceland, Italy and Durness.

Writing about his film he said;

“I am interested in exploring new things, meeting new people and getting to know new cultures and places. That is why I love travelling.  It’s not for everyone of course but my philosophy is simple: wake up early and at the end of the day, feel that you’ve used 100% of your time.

I tend to use self-catering rather than all-inclusive , I will change accommodation rather than stay a full week in the same place and I’ll carry out research before I set off. 

Advice I would give would be to stay open for people, smile and talk to them.  Be brave and and follow your instincts. Take your camera and if you want to shoot, ask for permission. Always use your eyes and ears, feel the place, sense it, taste it, take a deep breath and collect those memories because that’s what will remain long after your visit comes to an end.”

Alan Moffat , Film and Television lecturer, added:

“Maclej has produced a really interesting piece of work which in a lot of ways gives the viewer much to think about at a time when our movement is so restricted. The range of shots he has used in the film is both technically and creatively strong and the final product really packs an emotional punch.

Some people travel to be and Maclej falls into that category. We will be looking forward to seeing what he does in the HNC next year.”

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