Carrie-Ann Hudghton: Showreel

“My main plan for my showreel is to show off my work as a director and writer. To this end I will need to show footage from projects I have written and directed myself over the last few years.

Thankfully I have worked on some projects in college including my graded unit from last year called Red Room, but also out of college projects like the short film  ‘Dreamcatcher’ and the short documenteary ‘Gamer Shame’.  The biggest genre I have been working in has to be horror as I feel I have more strength in that area since I enjoy watching horror more than any other genre.”

– Carrie-Ann Hudghton: HND Film & Television

For her final year’s showreel, Carrie-Ann decided to highlight her talents as a scriptwriter and director by focusing on solely on projects that she had led through all stages of production.  Three short films made it into the final edit of this reel; ‘Dreamcatcher,’ a personal project produced in-between her NC and HNC courses,  ‘Broken’ a short horror film she produced in her final year and  her HNC graded project, another horror, titled ‘Red Room’.

In the early stages Carrie-Ann initially struggled with the format of her reel and how to structure the footage from each of these features within it, before settling around the idea of producing distinct trailers for each production that would allow her to hint at the story and atmosphere of each feature and show elements of her scriptwriting and directing within the showreel.

She packaged these up with some well chosen stock footage of a retro film-projector that bookends the reel, showcasing titles and credits and utilised three distinct soundtrack choices as background to specific lines of dialogue from her horror features ‘Broken’ and ‘Red Room’. Carrie-Ann’s skills in physical and  post-production effects were also displayed and her inclusion of an animated sequence for her production company ‘Bensam Films” was a nice touch too.

This was a well-considered and nicely assembled reel that showed very good creative practice across a number of production and post-production processes including transitions and graphic design skills, with an attention to detail around all the small but important aspects that really elevate the format of the reel. 

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