Maja Engnell: Showreel

“The music for my showreel is written and provided by my friend Saga Wahlström. The music is inspired by Woodkid’s “Run boy Run”. It is quite an up-tempo song with a sort of thrilling feel to it. In the middle of it, there is a slower, calmer part which helps building up to the last part of the song that is the climax.

I’ve built my showreel around the music and have chosen to mix the order of the clips. At first, I had planned to maybe include the clips in a specific film order, but I chose to mix it all together, and make them connect via the dialogue. I am a director and in order to showcase this, I am going to showcase my storytelling abilities with dialogue I’ve written via creative shots.”

-Maja Engnell. HND Film & Television.

Maja chose to highlight the vocational role of a director for her HND reel, showcasing sequences from six features that she directed during her HN course.  During the development of this reel she moved from grouping  sequences specifically from each feature to mixing up the footage, creating a meta narrative that explores the idea of visual storytelling.

She made some very sound creative and editorial choices throughout this process and we  were particularly impressed with the narrative and emotional thread Maja managed to weave into the reel by pulling together dialogue from her selection of films, making the reel work as a standalone feature.

Her choice of shots were dramatic and also aesthetically strong, and her edit had a good pace and dynamic structure which followed the rise and fall of the soundtrack she commissioned especially for this reel.

She also submitted a particularly strong planning and development stage for her Graded Unit Showreel/Portfolio project, which ultimately won her the award for Best HND graded unit at our 2019 Film Festival.


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