Chloe Cummins: Showreel

“The reel will be a progression of my experience through college – all the projects, events and time I have spent towards working on my portfolio – so for me it will be especially nostalgic. I want to be able to have the viewer feel the same.”

– Chloe Cummins, HND Film & TV Student

Chloe’s work always demonstrated an advanced and highly tuned aesthetic sensibility, which greatly suits the vocation of a camera operator, and in her HND year she considerably upped her technical and practical skills to match this aesthetic.

Through a variety of projects, undertaken in her final year, she produced not only high quality footage, but much more valuably, invested that footage with the poetic and lyrical qualities that are the measure of someone with their own artistic vision. A considerable amount of time was also spent researching music to accompany her reel and in the end she settled for an understated and rather ambient track, which although fairly unusual within this format fitted her aesthetic perfectly. 

Her finished reel displayed a high level of practical skills in both production and post-production processes and strong creative decision-making during its development and as such won the award for best showreel and cinematography at this years NCL film festival.



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