Albert Lucas: Showreel

“The idea for the showreel is to craft a narrative of some sort.. I want to use more than one soundtrack so I can demonstrate editing to different pacing. I plan to introduce the showreel with the titles, showing my name and that it’s an editing and cinematography showreel. Then I plan to move into some footage of Glasgow and show it as a normal showreel. 

I then plan to use a glitch effect to transition into my black and white footage. After transitioning into the black and white footage I will use another glitch effect to go into really cinematic footage showing off the best of the stuff I’ve done. Using creative transitions and showing a wide variety of shots.”

– HND Film & Television Student Albert Lucas

Albert’s showreel demonstrated his skills in both production and post-production processes and matched his strong cinematography to a complex and tightly synced edit.

By using the concept and look of VHS tape he managed to find a narrative idea that tied his sequences together and offered dramatic emphasis to the structure of his reel.  The post-production, animation, colour grading and editing skills he brought to this project are advanced and show great skills not only with the software but how to effectively use these parameters to finesse the moving image.

Albert spent a great deal of time researching audio tracks before beginning his edit of the assembled footage.  We often hear very generic copyright free tracks that students throw into the edit with little thought or grace,  the amount of time Albert spent researching and deliberating over the soundtrack resulted in three strong pieces of music that gave him different rhythms to edit to and greatly elevated his finished reel.

He also submitted a strong portfolio that archives the many features he worked on during his HN course and showcases his design and photography skills in a professional looking site.  Click the screenshot below to visit.

The obvious labour of love that went into his showreel is evident to any viewer and he thought very carefully about the myriad of details that go into a project like this. As a result this submission won “Best Showreel”  at our inaugural Film Festival at the CCA this year and sets a new benchmark for our HND Film and Television students.

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