Football Focus for Film and Photography Students

NC Film & Photography students Hannah Love and Barbara Ostrowska pick up their filming kit prior to the trip.

Two NC Film and Photography students; Hannah Love and Barbara Ostrowska, accompanied sports students from NCL’s Broadwood campus to document their recent two week trip to Murcia, Spain funded by the Erasmus programme.

The two were tasked with filming and photographing the sports students during an intensive programme of football coaching and training, which included giving coaching sessions to local schools and matches against local teams.

Click on any of the photo’s below to see galleries of Barbara and Hannah’s shots.

“Having film and photography students come on the Erasmus placement in Murcia is a great opportunity for NC level students to get real experience filming.  Personally I think it’s the best way to learn, by just getting stuck into it.

I learned a lot and gained confidence in myself, working with new people in Murcia I had never met before and setting up shots and conducting interviews. Exposure and focus was always a problem with harsh sunlight, so solving these problems taught me a lot technically.

I learned that filming sport is a lot harder than it looks when it comes to football matches and keeping things in focus was difficult. Working well in a team of two was important and I think me and Barbara did that well and both of us gained a lot from the two weeks.

Overall, I loved it and I am proud of myself for going and have learned so much about filming and gained new confidence. I think it’s something that should happen again for NC Film and Photography students.”

-NC Film & Photography student Hannah Love.

“The girls worked tirelessly throughout the trip and really engaged with the project.  A real credit to themselves and your department.”

-Sport and Fitness Lecturer Ally Breton.

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