Failure is an option

Question Session Music Conference and Newtworking Event

In the main we tend to focus on student success stories, but we seldom talk about what happens when things go wrong. In March of this year, three HND students attended an event in Glasgow where they were asked to document the day and evening. The Question Session event at the CCA was organised by Music Business students from Coatbridge and EQTV, a commercial company specialising in putting content together for Music Promo were charged with the task of editing the footage from the day.

Unfortunately, the footage captured on the day was not good enough and the editor only managed to put together a 50 second short. The students were given this feedback. They took it well and hopefully they will have learned from the experience.

“It’s hard to pin-point where exactly this went wrong. It could be a combination of the format of the day, the availability of equipment or end of year fatigue. All three students worked hard on the day and they turned up and did what was asked of them. Unfortunately this time, it wasn’t a success and as it was me who chose the students and equipment I decided to take responsibility for how this turned out.

In some ways, failure is not a bad thing as we can learn from our mistakes and remind ourselves that there are certain projects we need to be wary of taking on. We sometimes get approached to film weddings and I always knock back the opportunity…the experience of the Question Session reminds me why.”

-Alan Moffat, Film & Television Lecturer.

“It was all Alan Moffat’s fault..”

-Michael Grant, Film & Television Lecturer.

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