Shift: Clocked In…Punched Out

The Shift project came to a spectacular conclusion last week with a four night run of live performances at Summerlee Heritage Museum, which received some glowing reviews.

“The dictionary offers various meanings for the word ‘shift’: Simon Sharkey’s large-scale community production – staged onsite at Summerlee by the National Theatre of Scotland – embraces several of them in strikingly epic style.”

– Mary Brennan, The Herald.

“Visually the production is stunning and spectacular in nature. Moments of beautiful live music, smoke and flashing lights to large white globes turning from back breaking products of labour into a fun game in which the audience is included.”

– Lucy Newbery, Underdog Reviews.

The final episode of  SHIFT Transmission is also now online and looks back on the project with director Simon Sharkey and some of the community cast participants, who talk with  affection about the friendships and memories that have been forged during this project.  This last episode also features some vox pops with members of the audience, shot on the last night of the performance by HND Film and Television student Cameron Shaw.

The National Theatre of Scotland have been very generous in their praise of the contribution made by our HN Film and Television students over the last eight weeks:

“Thanks to all the wonderful students at New College Lanarkshire who’ve helped us go behind the scenes, the cast and creatives who brought SHIFT to life and to our audiences who braved the weather to come and put in a shift!”

And our own thanks go out to Emma Schad, Seth Hardwick and especially Lead Producer Kim Beveridge at The National Theatre of Scotland, for giving our students the chance to add such an ambitious and creative project to their production CVs.

Credits for Shift Transmission listing HN Film & Television students that worked on the project.

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