Work is a four letter word

There is a time when you near the end of a shift when you invariably start to clock watch. Everybody has done it at some point in their lives. 

However, the students working on the Shift project have not faltered and they found renewed energy as they approach the 7th week of filming.  

On Monday evening, HNC Film and Television students Darren Livingstone, Jim Reid and Maxine O’Hare travelled to Whifflet Community Centre to interview professional actors, Daniel Cahill and Fletcher Mathers. The next day, HND Film and Television’s Stephanie Black and Tam Wright went to St Margaret’s High School in Airdrie and filmed Daniel being interviewed by his former Drama teacher, Monica Nisbet. On Thursday, John Pittendreigh had perhaps the most challenging edit to date where he had to pick through 20 minutes of interviews. Again, the edit was delivered by the deadline on Friday.

“In some ways, the environment we grow up in shapes who we are and how we think about the world. Seeing Dan go back to school and be interviewed by his former teacher, as well as speak to the next generation of actors, in some ways sums up what Shift is about. He spoke at length about what the Shift project was and why its important that we don’t forget that Lanarkshire has such a rich industrial heritage and why it’s important that the next generation recognise the sacrifices their parents, grand parents and great grandparents made in forging their communities. 

I’m very proud that our TV students have played a huge part in telling the Shift story and I’m hoping that they are starting to see the benefits of having a good work ethic…something we in the Film & TV department are always banging on about!!!”

– Alan Moffat, Film & Television Lecturer

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