My week beats your year…

…so penned Lou Reed in his liner notes for his seminal masterpiece “Metal Machine Music”.

In some ways this also sums up the Film & TV department at Cumbernauld. Last week the students worked on 5 different project including the latest Shift video, a presentation for a partner college in South Africa and music promo for one of the Music Business Record label artists. The next two weeks will be equally busy with the upcoming events taking place at CCA where the HNTV will be filming a music business event on the 23rd and music promo being previewed alongside the launch night for the Record label, Become One.

Scale Model of the Shift Set at Summerlee Heritage Museum

“A lot of the projects the students have been planning are now all coming in at once. The latest Shift filming consisted of three film days and a mammoth editing session that took Cameron Shaw a full day’s work to turn around.

HNCTV students, Emily Devaney, Sean Fraser, Darren Livingstone, Maxine O’Hare and Jim Reid were on hand to film across three locations and we managed to deliver the product to NTS within the deadline once again. The students were also on hand to film the building of the set on site at Summerlee for the event they will be filming over the Easter Weekend”

– Michael Grant, Film & Television Lecturer.

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