Students “Shift” snow to ensure project is kept on track

After a visit from the “Beast from the East”, the HNTV students got back into the “Shift” project and delivered an edit for Week 5.

Johnathan Lynn and Cameron Shaw visited Whifflet Community centre on Tuesday evening and filmed interviews with the professional actors who are taking part in the project. On Wednesday, John Pittendreidh and David Walker took the Sony Cameras over and filmed the choreography that will be used as the backdrop to the show itself. Albert Lucas was on hand on Thursday evening to ensure the edit was delivered on time and within the brief.

“The heavy snowfall had the potential to derail the project but the students quickly got back into it. The project is now well under way and we have established a nice rhythm and it is always a worry when something unexpected happens.

In some ways, this is valuable experience as it demonstrates that you need to be flexible and deal with problems when they arise. When the students start working they’ll be confronted with this on a daily basis. It also may occasionally snow”

-Alan Moffat, Film & TV Lecturer.


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