Student works on Cadbury’s advert shoot

Jonathan on location

HND Film & Television student Jonathan Lynn recently gained some very valuable work experience for his CV, volunteering as a runner on a day long location shoot in Coatbridge. Filming an advert for Cadbury with MTP Productions and documenting the experience in his HND journal:

“Yesterday I took on the role of runner on location for Cadbury’s “Happy Birthday Mum TV advert”.

The location for the shoot was my Aunt’s corner shop in Coatdykes so when I heard about it I asked if she could speak to location scout Derek Yeaman who has worked in the industry for 20 years and ask if I could come along and do some work experience. Derek agreed and said he would look after me.

I arrived at 7am and was first on set. A fleet of vehicles, several large lorries and around 50 members of cast and crew showed up not long after. I was given a high-vis vest, a walkie talkie and started work. Me and the other runners were told to build and dissemble tents, move equipment, set up the catering area, make coffees and numerous other small tasks. I tried to work as quickly, efficiently and professionally as possible as I was learning on the job.

I got speaking to as many people as I could on set and asked about their jobs and how they got started and got some contact details. Derek also talked me up to some of the production assistants for MTP Productions and asked them to keep me in mind if they have any future work.

I finished at around 8pm as the shoot ran over from its initial schedule of finishing for 5:30pm. It was a long day and the work was hard but it was an eye opener seeing the scale of production for a short TV advert.”

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