A Conversation With My Addiction

“Paul is an addict. Losing grip on his sanity, he is one day trapped in his bathroom by his wife and forced to remain there until he is clean.

Unexpectedly, the power of his addiction makes one final effort to remain, and Paul enters into a struggle with the personification of his addiction, and to an extent, the darker aspects of himself, in order to save his life.”

A Conversation With My Addiction is a short film written, directed and edited by Daryl Devine.

One particular challenge Daryl faced in production was the setting of this film, which takes place solely in the main character’s bathroom. This cramped and claustrophobic set tested his abilities both as a director and camera op’, between the equipment and the actor.

Daryl wrote the screenplay for this feature during the Scriptwriting unit on our HNC Television course, which gives students an introduction to the craft of creating and formatting  screenplays for production.

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