Young Man’s Old Man

“Politics is in a kerfuffle at the moment. The usual suspects are being rejected and all kinds of crazy individuals are taking the reins. Arguably, this started with the rise of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, and the reactions were strong. But they were all a rather singular voice, all a bit, past it.  I think it’s time to present something a little different”

Short documentary, researched and shot by HND TV student Daryl Devine in his final year here at the Film and Television department at NCL. Using a series of filmed interviews and archive footage from various sources this documentary looks at the political landscape of the UK through the eyes of young people and takes aim at a perceived media bias in the treatment and reportage on Labour’s current leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

With hindsight, Daryl’s documentary was closer to the mark than many of the political commentators and pundits forecasting results for the June 2017 election. Daryl had begun the project in late 2016 and completed this final cut in May 2017. This documentary gives voice to the often neglected political views of young adults living in the UK.

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