Stockholm My Love


Ali Murray, one of our visiting lecturers in the Faculty of Computing and Creative Industries at Cumbernauld campus, recently completed the sound design and dubbing mix for a new film, Stockholm, My Love, directed by Mark Cousins.

It follows one woman’s footsteps through the streets of her native city, on a journey of recovery from a bad thing that happened to her exactly one year before. It’s an exploration of grief, identity and the power of architecture and urbanism to shape lives, and a celebration of the power of walking and looking to make us all feel just a little bit better. With new music by Neneh Cherry and old music by Benny Andersson (of ABBA) and Franz Berwald.

Ali said:

“I’ve known the director, Mark for a few years and worked with him on his last film, I am Belfast. Every now and again Mark gets in touch and says “Hey, I’ve got this idea!” Each film is very different and distinct but very much ‘Mark’. He looks at it all from a creative point of view and wants you to be creative too. It’s a pleasure to work with someone so enthusiastic.”

Ali’s work on the film took place last summer for around six weeks. For more information on Ali and his work, visit

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