Aesthetica Film Festival Trip: 2015

aesthetica2015_1A group of HN Film and Sound Production students recently attended the Aesthetica Film Festival in York as part of their studies.

HNC film student Cheryl Healy wrote up the following for our Creative Industries Blog about the trip…

As part of the HND at New College Lanarkshire, Cumbernauld Campus, the students had the opportunity to attend two days of the Aesthetica short film festival in York. Luckily for me, a place became available and being on the HNC Television course, I was able to attend. I was extremely excited as I had never attended a film festival before. I thought this would have been a great opportunity for networking and finding out more about the film industry.  The film festival took place from the 3rd to the 6th of November 2015, in York. I had never been to York before, so this for me would have been a new experience.

Day one of the film festival, all the students had been separated into two groups.

I was part of group two that attended the Grand Theatre, for a Master Class from representatives from The Association of Camera Operatives (ACO).


The panel consisted of three members, Peter Wingnall, who has been camera operative on Lock Stock and two smoking Barrels film, Layer cake and The Bourne Ultimatum. Derek Walker I was excited about hearing what he had to say, as he worked as 2nd unit on The Avengers movie, Age of Ultron. The third guest speaker Phillip Sindall, who had been camera operator on the Mr Bean movie, Nanny McPhee and Mamma Mia. There was a forth member of the panel, who I assumed to have been brought in to interview the members of ACO.

The presenter had asked some really good questions, but for me personally, I would have liked the audience to have had more time to ask the questions that they wanted. I felt this was the only thing that lacked with this master class, was the lack of interaction with the audience.  Despite this, I felt this was a great in-sight in the Association and the role of camera operators. It was great being able to hear from them about their roles in production, their views of film making and their experience within the industry.

The remainder of the weekend was spent visiting various locations around York. With it being a Film Festival, we watched a good few short films. Some were interesting, some were funny and there was educational films. I particularly enjoyed the short film by BBC on the story of the Dome during WW1. There was one particular film, it was an animation based on a story from the Bible, and this one particularly will be my one to remember from the film festival. Not because it was amazing, but because it shocked me. Contained nudity, homophobia and incest. After the film, I could not believe what I had just witnessed. Then I got thinking, this will be the one that everyone will be talking about… which can’t be a bad thing for a film maker.

Our last morning in York and we attended a short master class from Robbie Gibbon, a very talented editor. This for me was a favourite of all the classes that we attended. Robbie spoke with all the persons present, interacted with them. I was able to ask him a question which I felt he gave a really good answer.

Overall, the experience of being in York, the films and the company… It was amazing. I would like to thank New College Lanarkshire for providing me with the opportunity to do so. I would also like to thank David and Andreas, the lecturers for getting us there and back. I hope that this opportunity will be available next year, I am sure any of the HNC students who are looking to progress into the HND will enjoy it, should the opportunity become available.

I will however, remember to wear suitable shoes and take loads more photos.

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